Level 1

The first milestone is complete – on completion, receive an attractive welcome package.

Level 2

A must for every trader. When you reach the second level, you’ll receive a MUST READ for all investors: Jack D. Schwager interviewed in his work “Market Wizards”. He discusses the Top Traders of the financial world, points to what makes these traders so successful and what you can learn from their strategies.

Level 3

With Sentiment Trader, you can capture the psychology of the stock markets. Upon reaching the third level, you will get 12 months free access to StockPulse’s Sentiment Trader, worth around €720. Experience the mood of the market and the trading day in real time.

Level 4

With the signal service 3markets, you receive technical chart-focused trading ideas in the context of a sample portfolio for 20 underlyings – from indices, commodities and forex -  as well as regular trading briefings directly in your mailbox. Get inspired with six months of this service free of charge upon reaching level 4.

Level 5

Congratulations! You have reached the pinnacle of the ayondo Top Trader career, and are therefore part of the winning team. You’re entitled to a prize pool of up to $50,000, which is divided amongst all the participants who are at the fifth career level on 01.02.2018.