The ayondo Social Trading Championship’s final phase starts on 06.02.2017, and ends on 01.02.2018. The aim of the Championship is to complete the ayondo Trading Career, which requires at least 360 days.

The Early Bird Trading phase begins on 14.11.2016; during this period you can register for the Social Trading Championship and begin your trading. This gives you the chance to gain an advantage over your competitors. The official start of the Championship is on the 06.02.2017 and in the best case scenario, you will have already reached Level 2 of the Trading Career by then.

The Final Ranking begins on the 06.02.2017, starting the final phase of the ayondo Social Trading Championship. From this point you should be as risk-conscious and sustainable with your trading as possible in order to climb the ayondo Trading Career.

You must register by no later than 06.02.2017 in order to participate.

The first trade must be placed on 06.02.2017, at the latest.

No, unfortunately this isn’t possible. To participate in the ayondo Social Trading Championship, a new application is required.

Yes, you will remain anonymous. During the registration process you choose a username, and only this is then visible to other participants and Followers.

Registering as a Real Money Trader isn’t necessary from 14.11.2016. It is possible to change your status to Real Money status before the end of the second level, in order to be eligible for the level completion prizes.

Of course, you can also trade with virtual money for the whole process. However, only Real Money Traders can claim the prizes.

No, you can trade with both virtual and real money. Prizes can only be claimed, however, by Real Money Traders. Real Money Trader status can be achieved by a minimum deposit of at least £/$1,000.

Virtual Money Traders use our intuitive Social Trading platform. As a Real Money Trader, you trade on our award-winning trading platform TradeHub®.

As an ayondo Top Trader, you earn money by publishing trading signals. Followers are able to create a portfolio of up to 5 Top Traders. After the portfolio is activated, all the trades of these selected Top Traders are executed automatically on the Follower account. The remuneration is based on the trading volume of the Top Trader’s Followers.

Top Traders earn a percentage of the gross spread income generated by Follower's trade, with this percentage dependent on their career level and their status as a Real or Virtual Money Trader.


A menu item called “Career” can be found on the Top Trader page on our WeTrade® platform. Here you can view your remuneration for every trade, which is displayed automatically. The more Followers you have, the higher the volume. You can create an invoice for the current month, in the following month.

Make an invoice of your earnings in the following month, stating your account information. Please send it via email to service@ayondo.com or to:

ayondo GmbH
Niddastraße 91
60329 Frankfurt am Main

The earnings will be determined by ayondo and recorded in the Account Summary. The invoice provided by ayondo is available for download within 7 working days after the end of the month. The minimum invoice amount is £25. Payment is due within 10 business days of receipt.

The prize pool amount is based on the number of participants in the Social Trading Championship. Therefore, the following grading applies:

0-99 participants: $25,000
100-499 participants: $50,000
500-999 participants: $150,000
Over 1,000 participants: $250,000

The grand prize will be split equally between all of the participants of the ayondo Social Trading Championship who, on the closing date of 01.02.2018, are on the fifth and final level.

No, if you have Real Money Trader status, you are only eligible for a prize for reaching the next highest level. You can change to Real Money Trade status only up to the end of the second Career Level.