Participation conditions for the trading game

  1. The website and the associated trading game are marketing offers by ayondo GmbH.

  2. This competition offer from ayondo GmbH is aimed exclusively at participants in the ayondo trading game; In order to participate, registration through ayondo on the website is required.

  3. The trading game starts on 14.11.2016 and ends on 01.02.2018. In order to be eligible the first trade must be placed by 06.02.2017. 

  4. Participation is limited to one actively registered Top Trader profile per person for the trading game (as deemed under point 1). For the successful registration of an account for the championship, you must verify your contact number.

  5. Both Virtual and Real Money Traders can participate in the competition, however only Real Money Traders are eligible to receive prizes in the competition for ascending the levels from level 2 – 5 onwards.

  6. To obtain Real Money Trader status you are required to open a trading account at ayondo markets Ltd and fund the account with a minimum £1,000.

    • It is possible to change from being a Virtual Money Trader to becoming a Real Money Trader. To do this you are required to open a corresponding trading account and fund it with at least £1000 prior to the end of reaching the second level.
    • Should the Real Money Traders lose their Real Money status then they are not eligible to claim a prize upon reaching a higher career level. Losing Real Money status constitutes net assets (Balance + P&L) falling below the value of £500, which could be due to withdrawals or negative performance, for example.
    • The prize is also forfeited if, after the start of the evaluation phase, levels 2-5 are not reached within the following deadlines:
      • Level 2: Within 30 days
      • Level 3: Within 90 days
      • Level 4: Within 180 days
      • Level 5: Within 360 days
  7. Existing Real Money Traders participating in the trading game receive the following prizes only upon reaching the subsequent 2nd, 3rd, and 4th levels of the ayondo trading career sequentially for the first time(More information about the ayondo trading career can be found at

    • Reaching Level 2: Book gift “Market wizards”. The book will be sent by post to the address specified during the registration.
    • Reaching Level 3: Free access to the Sentiment Trader subscription from StockPulse for 12 months. The subscription is activated by ayondo for the Real Money Trader account and ends automatically after twelve months.
    • Reaching Level 4: Access to the 3markets trading signal service in English or German language from the LRT Finanz-Research GmbH for six months. This consists of a sample portfolio as well as regular morning updates by email. To gain access to this offer, proving your email address is necessary as it will then be passed on to LRT Finanz-Research GmbH for processing purposes. The service ends automatically after six months.
  8. The grand prize consists of a prize pool, and the size of this prize pool corresponds directly to the number of participants of the trading game (start of the final phase). The total amounts are distributed equally based on the following scale model:

    • 0 to 99 participants: $25,000
    • 100 to 499 participants: $50,000 
    • 500 to 999 participants $150,000
    • From 1,000 participants: $250,000

    The scale model for distribution above calculated will be distributed in equal amounts to the participants who reside in level 5 in the ayondo trading career at the end of the trading game. End date; 01.02.2018

    (Example: 870 participants have taken part in the competition. Should 5 traders have reached the highest level (5), then each of these traders would receive $30,000. Should only one trader reach the highest career level in this scenario, then this participant will receive $150,000).

    Payment will be made to the Real Money Trader’s account from ayondo markets Ltd within four weeks after confirming the winner(s).

  9. Payment of the prize money according to (8) is made to the trading account of the participating Top Trader profile and can be debited from the trading account after this is credited.

  10. As the trading game described here is a marketing campaign from ayondo GmbH, it cannot be combined or used with any other currently active campaigns from ayondo GmbH or ayondo markets Ltd.

  11. The trading activities of the Real Money Trader participants in the trading game are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of ayondo markets Ltd., which come into effect once the account opening at ayondo markets Ltd. is successfully completed.

    The career level is determined by ayondo GmbH. The underlying model is described here: The base calculations are formed by the Top Trader’s trading activities.

  12. ayondo GmbH reserves the right to withhold payment of any profits made by a client using this offer if we believe that the spirit of this offer is being abused or irregular trading patterns are observed. The ayondo GmbH will resolve any disputes whether or not covered by these conditions in a fair and appropriate manner, and its decision will be final.

ayondo GmbH, Niddastraße 91, 60329 Frankfurt am Main / Germany. ayondo GmbH is authorised as the investment and contract brokerage according to § 1 Article 1a sentence 2 of the German Banking Act (KWG), and as the acting and tied agent pursuant to § 2 paragraph 10 of the German Banking Act (KWG), under the responsibility of the financial services institution (pursuant to § 2 Paragraph 10 of the German Banking Act (KWG) of DonauCapital Investment GmbH.

ayondo GmbH operates in conjunction with DonauCapital Investment GmbH by way of open delegate and does not operate any other service within the meaning of § 1 para. 1a sentence 2 German Banking Act (KWG)