About ayondo

Participants of the ayondo Social Trading Championship

All trade signals from championship participants will be simultaneously published on the ayondo Social Trading platform.

This gives the participants the chance to gain Followers, and therefore obtain additional remuneration.

Tradeable products

Trading at ayondo is done with spread betting/CFD trading, and ayondo traders can spread bet with a wide range of tradable products:

  • Shares
  • Currencies
  • Commodities
  • Interest Rates
  • Bonds
  • ETFs

Top Trader with ayondo

All Top Traders must climb the ayondo Trading Career. It comprises five stages, and Top Traders progress from Street Trader level all the way to Institutional level. The entire career ladder requires at least 360 days climbing, whilst following particular prominent rules:

  • The maximum drawdown must not exceed, at any stage of their career, 25%.
  • Levels can only be climbed by achieving a specified minimum performance.

These requirements ensure that only the traders who are both risk-aware and sustainable can reach the higher levels.

Learn more about the Trading Career and the requirements of each career level


The higher the level the Top Trader reaches, the more attractive they are for Followers. Their compensation is based on the trading volume of their Followers. Real Money Traders benefit from a higher remuneration. Top Traders earn a percentage of the gross spread income generated by Follower volume, with this percentage dependent on their career level and their status as a Real or Virtual Money Trader.

Top Trader Career Level Time Period Volume traded Maximum drawdown Whole performance Performance
Top Trader Career Level 1 indicator  Street Trader 30 days 5 25.0% Positive 0.5%
Top Trader Career Level 2 indicator  Advanced 60 days 5 25.0% Positive 1.0%
Top Trader Career Level 3 indicator  Professional 90 days 10 25.0% Positive 1.5%
Top Trader Career Level 4 indicator  Risk-adjusted 180 days 15 25.0% Positive 3.0%
Top Trader Career Level 5 indicator  Institutional 365 days 30 25.0% Positive 6.0%


On the ayondo Social Trading platform, traders can trade with both virtual money and real money:

Real Money Trader


Real Money Traders are instantly recognisable by a special “R” icon on their profile, which marks them out as Real Money Traders to Followers.

With just a minimum deposit of £/$1,000, Top Traders can easily acquire Real Money status. This inspires confidence in Followers as Real Money Traders are investing with their own money, and are therefore less likely to take risks with it. Thus, Real Money Traders have the opportunity to gain more Followers.

Real Money Traders enter their trading signals on ayondo’s award-winning trading platform, TradeHub®.

Virtual Money Trader


Virtual Money Traders trade on ayondo’s intuitive Social Trading platform.

Virtual Money Traders are also able to receive remuneration via their Followers.

Your Security with ayondo

The security of client funds is ayondo’s highest priority. ayondo markets Limited is authorised and regulated by the FCA and ayondo GmbH is a tied agent of DonauCapital Investment GmbH and therefore registered in the intermediaries register of the BaFin. The FCA has very strict regulations about client money, designed to protect both retail and professional clients. All client funds are held in a completely segregated account to ayondo’s corporate account. Customers will be compensated, in the unlikely event of liquidity problems, by the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme). 

With additional insurance cover provided at ayondo’s own cost, all customers’ accounts are also insured by up to £1,000,000.

Trade with negative balance protection: If your account balance falls into the negative, our negative balance protection means that we won’t seek to recover those losses. The risk of loss is therefore limited to the investment.